About us

We are a small company where both local people and European people work. We work all together because it’s our deepest wish to provide our customers with the best products available at a competitive price and combine Asian knowledge and skills with foreign knowledge of the market outside Thailand.

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We know all the stories that are told about Asian companies where people tell that the production is actually done in China, but we 100% sure produce where we say that we produce and we make the best quality possible with a price that can be low because we not produce big volume so we work with 4 people in Thailand and 2 in Vietnam who make our inlays work because they are the best makers of complicated inlays we know. This and the fact that we do not live a luxary life makes that we we can offer good prices and good products.

What we offer

Some of our woods are from Asia but we also buy worldwide ( eBay) and the best we can find. We even will make from wood you send us your guitar we not make any problems regarding doing this as a service to you. Remember that in making musical instruments in Asia there has a long history. Wood that we cannot find in Asia we import like we do with a lot of the hardware we use. We also work together with companies in Asia who for instance hand make our own brand pick-ups.

Our main products are our handmade guitars where we do not do any concessions and where we work in the best luthier traditions. For our handcrafted guitars we take time to build and we are proud to present to you guitars custom made to your needs and to your absolute satisfaction.

We offer high quality guitars at a competitive price. We produce all models that you want but NEVER produce guitars with name’s or logo’s from the big guitar companies. We also can build based on your drawings a complete own design. What we offer is tailor-made guitars.

8-vervaagd 4-vervaagd Regarding woods we also offer a wide range of choices. Please read the Wood information on our website when you want to learn more about the characteristics from woods and what they can do for your sound. It's not only the pickup and the amp that makes the sound but also the wood and how it's used is important

Guitar pick's

Last but not least it's important that you use the best pick's. Plastic is not our preferred material. We advise you to try pick's from natural materials like buffalo horn or other materials that are natural. These materials last longer have a "soul" and we think they sound better, of course we can provide these legal pick's so please ask for our pick's to improve your sound !

We prefer to get the best information from you so we can build the guitar YOU want.

Your satisfaction is our best sales tool !